Trading Strategies

There are thousands of different Crypto Trading Strategies that Traders and Investors use.  Strategies are typically developed by an individual Trader and factor in their own circumstances such as Trading style, Risk appetite, Time available to trade each day and other personal circumstances.

As a Trader, you may develop your own strategies or you take one add and modify it with your own ideas for improvement.

To start with, you may wish to gain the benefit of strategies many of our traders use on a daily basis, these Strategies are often combined bringing in the strengths of multiple other strategies into one.

You can either trade them as we teach them, you may choose to improve them over time by yourself or in the CryptoMates Discussion Forum for that strategy.  As soon as you have bought a strategy session, you can join in on the discussions relating to that strategy in the Community Forum with other traders.

These CryptoMates Trading Strategies help traders to improve their trading results. To obtain great results, it is imperative that you are consistent with following the rules, effort and maintaining proper Trade Documentation.

This strategy is centred around the retest of a key RSI level.  We focus on a more conservative entry than many traders take, but this conservative nature often affords the trader many "triggers" that all add up to a potentially very high success rate.  Once mastered, this strategy affords the Trader the ability to claw back valuable time to take on other interests or develop and master alternate Trading Strategies. more...

CM8-Bull Div
Often viewed by many traders as a "must-have" in their Trading Strategies arsenal, this style of trading is based around entering close to the point of reversal.  It may come with higher risk than the "confirmation" style of trades, however, if successful, provides the Trader with an excellent entry point.  Managing the trade once entered, is then dependent on the skill of the trader and their overall goals. more...

One of the most frequently referenced Trading Strategies, Breakout trades and therefore Breakout traders, often will have clear rules and guidelines for entry, together, with firm targets and exit strategies.  Often misunderstood as one of the "easier" strategies to master, the learning curve with this particular strategy can be very costly if not taught properly.  Often traders fall into the trap of not realising profits as they have not read the market correctly and do not have a robust management plan for this particular strategy. more...

CM8 - 80/200
The CM8 - 80/200 Strategy is an ever popular one for many Crypto Traders as trades are often easier to find and the trade duration is often quicker than other strategies. As with other CryptoMates Strategies, the CM8 80/200 Strategy has been refined to reduce risk and improve the success ratio by adding additional confirmations. The strategy has been backtested extensively and is part of the CryptoMates Strategy Flow™

CM8-SFP (Swing Failure Pattern)
This strategy is perfect for those that like trading the lower time frames, often traded on time frames between 1 hr and all the way up to the weekly.  With firm entry and exit conditions, once mastered, many Traders view this strategy as their "Bread and Butter", however, as with anything, mastering this strategy takes time and an increased level of proficiency on a few key Trading basics.  Further, this strategy can also be combined with various other Technical Analysis parameters to increase the probability of success. more...

CM8-SR Flip
SR Flips afford the traders who either don't feel comfortable with Breakout trades, or have missed the Breakout, to enter the trade when the instrument "retests" key levels.  The power of this strategy is understanding when the "retest" warrants an entry, or if that "retest" needs more confirmation prior to entering.  As with any strategy, there are key points to look for prior to raising your entry orders, together wish varied management techniques while the trade is active. more...