Terms and Conditions


Any information or resources provided via CryptoMates™ in any format whether that be via the Web Site, Email, Forum, Videos, Articles or News is provided for informational and educational purposes only.  

As a CryptoMates™ member, you are welcome to use CryptoMates resources on the proviso that any trades or investments you take that were based on those resources or that information are your own financial decisions and you take full responsibility for any losses made as a result. Information you receive is not financial advice but is designed to help you understand and make better decisions.  Do Your Own Research (DYOR).

Any suggestions you receive via CryptoMates™ do not take into consideration your personal circumstances and therefore do not represent financial advice.

For specificity:  If you do not fully understand the information made available to you and the associated risks, you should not be making financial decisions based on that information.  It is recommended that you obtain Independent Advice (whether that be legal or financial) before commencing any activity in the Crypto space.

Members Only

The information provided by CryptoMates™ in the areas that are only visible after you have signed in is for use by members only.

Do not share that information, your account details including your login credentials or allow others access to that information in any way.

No Advertising or Self Promotion

Advertising or promotion of any affiliate links for any 3rd party products or services is not permitted.  If you do, we reserve the right to delete the information, charge a fee for advertising or terminate your CryptoMates™ membership.

Private Messaging (PM)

PM is a feature provided to some members for the purpose of supporting and maintaining existing relationships between themselves and other members.  The PM feature is only available to current paid members.  It is not to be used for sending unsolicited messages.   

Remember: CryptoMates is a Safe Space.  People don't like unsolicited messages, we need you to be respectful of that.

Unless a member has specifically asked for information or advice via a PM, do not send them a PM.  If you are not sure, publicly ask for permission to PM them first before you send a PM.  ie. "Can I PM you..." or "Please PM me..."  

If you send an unsolicited message (SPAM) and a member reports that to CryptoMates admin, if verified, it may result in Account Termination or Cancellation or you will have the PM feature disabled on your account.  The PM function is a "value-added" service provided by CryptoMates™ to our members, it does not form part of the Membership so removal of the PM function does not entitle you to a refund of your membership fee.

Limiting your Account, Termination, Cancellations & Refunds

If you breach the CryptoMates™ Safe Space ethos or the Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to terminate your account without a refund, disable features of the service available to you or take other actions that are deemed reasonable and/or necessary to maintain the goodwill of the CryptoMates Safe Space.

Cancellations will take effect at the end of the current billing cycle, therefore, cancellation requests should be received in advance of any billing anniversary date to ensure sufficient time for processing of the cancellation request.

Refunds will only be available in the event that the CryptoMates™ services can no longer be provided to you.

Breaches to the CryptoMates Terms and Conditions that result in lost revenue or additional costs, we reserve the right to charge in those situations if they occur.

Fees and Charges

CryptoMates™ provides a valued service to clients to raise funds for our community services humanitarian projects.

Breaches to the CryptoMates Terms and Conditions that result in lost revenue or additional costs, we reserve the right to charge in those situations if they occur.

These charges are based on the fair and reasonable expectations of cost recovery and lost revenue.  In most situations where clients are reasonable, there will be little or no need for additional fees and charges.  In cases where clients are unreasonable, we reserve the right to charge although we'd prefer if the community holds each member accountable.

Discount Codes

CryptoMates™ generates discount codes for family, friends, business associates, as goodwill gestures and sometimes as a way of saying sorry if we make a mistake.  These will be shared with people via email.  Unless you have received a discount code directly via email, don't use it as you may not be entitled to use it and it may be revoked.  If you find a discount code and want to use it, let us know first.

If you have a discount code, do not share it with others as it was shared with you directly for a specific reason.


CryptoMates™ does not guarantee your ability to obtain any additional Taxation Savings or Deductions in relation to the Tax Minimisation mentoring session, as it is an educational session not a consultative one and does not take into consideration your own personal circumstances.

After the education session, we can refer you to one of many tax specialists who can give you independent advice relevant to your own personal circumstances and help you establish a tax minimisation plan.


CryptoMates™ are for the protection of the CryptoMates name, its goodwill and helps to identify the rights of the copyrighted material produced by CryptoMates.  The CryptoMates trademark is owned by CryptoMates.

Our Ethos?   "CryptoMates is a Safe Space" - comments or behaviour that is negative towards CryptoMates or others will not be tolerated.  Be respectful of all members at all times.