How many times have you thought "f@%k, where did that number come from?" (it's ok to swear in your head)
Trading is difficult enough to master and when focused on placing a trade, sometimes we just miss something or realise we did a "Fat Finger" calculation when it's too late. It is an easy mistake to make and can easily disrupt your trading mindset.
Today, we announce the CryptoMates Position Size Risk Calculator - "TradingCalc" which helps calculate the correct position size based on your Risk %.
Enter the Exchange, Trading Pair, Risk %, Entry, Stop and Target - click calculate and see the correct Position Size, Projected R:R & Projected P&L instantly. Copy and paste those values straight into your exchange order, avoid accidentally transposing your figures or missing a decimal when you place an order.
Currently supporting Binance, ByBit, FTX, KuCoin, Huobi, Gate-io & Okex. Take a look now, it's free to use.
(see if you can find the hidden $100)