New Forum Introduction

Great News:  There is a new and improved CryptoMates Forum

The new Forum is faster, has improved support for Mobile Devices, some New Categories and has a Private Messaging feature.

The new Forum is available for current CryptoMate Community Members only.    

How to setup access to the Forum: 

  1. Go to and click on sign up

  2. This takes you to the Create Your Account page,
    Enter an Email and Password or if you choose to use Social login, click either
    Continue with Google - skip to step 6
    Continue with Facebook or - skip to step 9
    Continue with Twitter - skip to Step 10

    Note: If you chose to use email and password, make sure your password is secure.
    See the password security box, all points must be ticked. 

    Make sure your password security check is NOT like the following example, (see the red arrows) they all must be ticks or it won't accept the password.

    Once your password security box shows all Ticks, click continue so it can start creating your account.
  3. From the Welcome - let's Create your Account Page,  
    - Enter a new username or accept the one that's suggested. 
    - Enter your full name then click the [Create your account] button.

  4. If you see this page, congratulations you have created your account successfully.

  5. If you are an existing CryptoMates Community Member and a Mentoring client with one or more strategy sessions we will need to identify you and assign the correct category permissions.

    Please email [email protected] and let us know you’re in the Forum ok as it will speed up the process  (as it is not automated - yet).

    You have finished, we will let you know once we have unlocked your account and the correct category permissions.


    NOTE: The links on the website now have links to both the new Forum and the old Forum.  The old forum will be set as read only very soon.

    (You have finished your account setup, now you can stop)


  6. (referred from step 2)- Google Create AccountContinue with Facebook

    Enter your Google email, then click [Next] button.

  7. Enter your Google password, then click [Next] button. 

    Google will create and share an access token with us so we can verify you
    (we don't see your Gmail email address & password)


  8. Depending on your Google security settings you may be required to verify your account in one of multiple ways. 
    You will need to verify your account and then go to the next step.


Goto Step 3.


9. (referred from step 2)- Continue with Facebook.

Login with your Facebook username/password.

Setup your access to Facebook 

FB will create and share an access token with us so we can verify you
(we don't see your FB email address & password)

Goto Step 3.


10. (referred from step 2)- Continue with Twitter.

from this page, login to Twitter. 

Twitter does its thing..., creates and shares an access token with us so we can verify you
(we don't see your twitter email address & password)

Goto Step 3.