Mentoring Plan Management

As a CryptoMates client, you now have your own Mentoring Plan in the My Account area of the website after you login.


How it works

When you order a session, either from this page or from anywhere else on the website, on this page next to what you have ordered you will see a   link in the Calendly Column.  This link lets you Book the session Date & Time directly in your Mentor's calendar.

Once you Book the Date and Time, you will see a  in the Zoom Column.

When it is time to start the session, click on  and the Mentor will start the session.

During the Session, you can use the Notes icon  to add and save your own private notes about that session.

Upon completion of the session, the Zoom video link and passcode  will be attached automatically by Zoom when it is available to view/download.

The Mentoring Plan is organised into 4 sections:

Getting Started

This lists the Sessions that make up the Trading Foundations which also make up the Getting Started Kit.  We recommend that these sessions be completed first.

The Mentoring Plan gives you the flexibility to view and manage your Mentoring plan and your progress yourself at any time and you can book any session you want all directly from the mentoring plan page.

Mentoring Action Plan

The Mentoring Action Plan is created by your Mentor with you during the Initial Assessment zoom session.  This lists the order of the future sessions that were discussed during that session.  This list can only be modified by the Mentor (changes are normally discussed and done with you during a session).

You can book and schedule any of these sessions at any time.


You can plan your own future sessions, or just create a todo list of sessions you want to discuss with the Mentor during your next session.  To move sessions, Click and it will be moved from the Unplanned Sessions list to MyToDo.

Unplanned Sessions

This lists the remaining sessions that have not been prioritised yet.

If you want to reorder the sessions, you can move them using the move icon  which appears before each session name.