Strategy - Scalping

Scalping - an ever-popular strategy that many traders use, it is great for those that enjoy trading the lower time frames, or, when the trends are not consistent on the mid or higher time frames, this Scalping strategy offers traders consistent trading opportunities.

Largely based on EMA's (Exponential Moving Averages); other indicators and points of confluence, it is important that those considering this Strategy, have a thorough understanding of Technical Analysis.

Trades are often fast-paced, which is perfect for Day Trading, but this strategy also lends itself to being suitable for Swing Trading, given the right conditions.

During this Strategy Session, you will learn:

  • Learn how to set the required TradingView alerts that will first alert you to a potential setup
  • Learn how to identify and prioritise these trade setups
  • Learn what action to take, and when to take it, so that you can pull the trigger when required
  • Learn different Trade Management techniques that will help to optimise your potential profits
  • Receive templates to assist with the Trade documentation of this strategy

The strategy is taught via a 1on1 Zoom session.

Example 1: (SOLPERP) -

metadata image

Entry: $104.1625
Stop: $101.58
Target:  $113.15
R:R: 3.4
ROI: 8.65%
Summary: If you had risked $1,000 on this trade, your PnL would have been $3,400 made within 10 hours.

Example 2: (ETHPERP) -

metadata image

Entry: $3765.00
Stop: $3840.40
Target: $3140.70
R:R:  8.3
ROI: 16.58%
Summary: If you had risked $1,000 on this trade, your PnL would have been $8,300 within 1.45 days.

Learn how to do Scalping trades like these on your Trading Account, Buy Now and select a time that suits you.  Times are subject to availability and are booked directly via access to the booking Calendar.