Strategy - CM8 - SR Flip

The SR Flip Trading Strategy is a robust strategy with clear entry criteria that can provides excellent returns.

The Key to the success of this strategy is the ability to identify important horizontal levels of Support & Resistance.

Once an entry is confirmed, Traders have many different options on how to manage the trade.  Some traders opt for a "get in and get out" approach by setting clear Targets, others will realise partial profits at key levels of support or resistance with the goal of managing it as a Swing Trade

During this mentoring session, you will:

  • Learn how to identify key levels of support and resistance
  • Learn what action, and when to take it, once the setup has been identified
  • Understand what entry criteria to look for to assist with your analysis
  • Learn different Trade Management techniques that can be implemented during the life of the trade
  • Receive templates to assist with the Trade Documentation of this strategy

The strategy is taught via a 1on1 Zoom session.

Example 1: (FTMPERP)

metadata image

Entry: $2.4587
Stop: $2.68335
Target: $1.40460
R:R: 4.5
ROI: 42.87%
Summary: If you had risked $1.000 on this trade, your PnL would have been $4,500 made in 10 days

Example 2: (ETHPERP) -

metadata image

Entry: $2102.10
Stop: $1882.60
Target: $3432.30
R:R: 6
ROI: 63.2%
Summary: If you had risked $1,000 on this trade, your PnL would be $6,000 made in just under a month.

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