Learn How To Short

"Shorting" - the ability to make money when markets are going down!

Learning how to Short is a skill set that is vitally important, particularly in the Crypto space.  Given that, historically, the Crypto market has a 4-year cycle, with a significant portion of those 4 years spent in a downtrend, to be a successful Trader, you need to be able to Short.

Shorting need not make you feel overwhelmed.  We can provide you with the necessary skills to ensure that these trading opportunities can be realised.

Shorting provides Traders with the ability to become "recession-proof".  Unlike HODLING, there is no need to fear when the markets are falling, often, when this occurs, we have some of the best trading conditions.  

We will support you through the process of learning this skillset, and you will soon feel the peace that comes with truly believing, that should the markets turn bearish - you can continue to shine.