Crypto Mentoring - Getting Started Kit

Do you want to improve your trading results?  Want to learn new trading strategies?  Reduce errors and get more consistent results?

Want to improve your Trading Psychology?   Had success in a bull market but don't know how to take advantage of bearish/downward trends?

Help to better document your trades  Help setting up a real-time Traders Dashboard  Evaluating your results each month

Get assistance to help troubleshoot a trading strategy or answer those "What went wrong" questions?

CryptoMates™ can help you do all this and much more through Tailored Mentoring - helping you "Reduce the Cost of Education" 
Let us help you avoid mistakes, they make for hard lessons and are avoidable.

Sessions are tailored to your requirements based on what we identify during your Initial Assessment.

Getting Started Kit - Learn the Foundations for success as a Crypto Trader

1 - Discovery Call with a Mentor
2 - Trade Setup & Management
3 - Build a Trading Plan
4 - Trade Documentation

The Getting Started Kit includes FREE Membership to the CryptoMates Community valued at $599 /Year