End of Month (EOM) Trade Review

How good were your Crypto Trading Results like last month?  Was that your best month ever?  If you don't know, how long would it take you to work that out?

If you do have an End of Month (EOM) review, what do you track and analyze?  Does the review help you refine your Trading Strategies and help you to improve your Trading Psychology?

If you answered no to any of the above, schedule a CryptoMates EOM review and learn how to effectively analyse your historic trades, so you are not just flying by the seat of your pants.  An EOM review also helps with Trading Psychology, giving you the confidence each day that you are heading in the right direction and/or helping you in times of frustration to get back on track. 

Also, EOM reviews help with your goals, you can better target and meet your goals if you know how well you are progressing.

In the EOM reviews, we can work through your Trade Documentation and End of Month (EOM) results, do some Chart and individual Trade Reviews. It is also an important time to reflect and determine how well you are performing and identify risks and opportunities for improvement.

Book your End of Month Session(s) now.  We have Monthly and Annual payment options (discounted). 

Note: As a Full-Time Crypto Trader your income is comparable to other self-employed workers and as a result, it can be difficult to obtain bank finance.  End of Month Trade Reviews and good Trade Documentation can make a huge difference to your lender when they are looking to provide finance to you.