Market Scans

Crypto Traders scan the market for trading opportunities, that is a core skill for traders.   The quicker you learn to do your own market scans, the quicker you will become a Pro Trader. Market Scans are an important part of a Traders skill set.

As a Member, you can attend CryptoMates Traders Market Scans which are 4/week via Zoom.

  • Monday (08:00)
  • Tuesday: (08:00)Market Scans via Zoom
  • Thursday: (08:00)
  • Friday: (08:00)

All times are AEST - UTC+10 Timezone. 

What you will learn by attending regular market scans

  • Sit with CryptoMates Traders Live while they go through and identify opportunities and risks in current market conditions
  • Watching regular market scans is one of the quickest ways to learn - It is much easier to learn by repetition (Attend as often as possible!!)
  • There are trading opportunities everywhere!! Learn techniques to give you a better understanding of what the charts are telling you. 
  • It is a great way to improve your Technical Analysis (TA) and charting knowledge
    Remember: "The better you chart the better you trade"
  • You can ask questions... CryptoMates is a supportive and nurturing environment
  • You can also learn what strategies to use in what market conditions, their entries, exits, trading rules and other criteria they use.

If you are interested in attending market scans, they are available free to CryptoMates Members.

Contact Us if you'd like a one-off invite to a market scan.