Crypto Trading Glossary

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4hr SR4hr Support/Resistance
ATHAll Time High
ATLAll Time Low
APYAnnual Percentage Yield
Asc TriAscending Triangle
ARAutomatic Rally
BRFBear Flag
BEARCPBearish Continuation Pattern
BREBearish Engulfing Candle
BBBollinger Bands
BCRBreak Close Retest
BAWBroadening Ascending Wedge
BDWBroadening Descending Wedge
BLFBull Flag
BULLCPBullish Continuation Pattern
BULLCPBullish Continuation Pattern
BLEBullish Engulfing Candle
CZCradle Zone
D/SRDaily Support/Resistance
DAppsDecentralised Applications
DAODecentralised Autonomous Organisation
DeFiDecentralised Finance
Dsc TriDescending Triangle
DCADollar Cost Averaging
EPEntry Price