About Us

 During an awkward time in a confused world


is helping people take control of their future.

Providing a path for individuals to improve their standard of living by giving them access to the tools, resources and people to help them learn how to identify and take advantage of the opportunities that are available Trading Crypto. 

This is not teaching or mentoring the "only" way to Trade or the "Holy Grail" of indicators, CryptoMates path provides people with a path to become the trader best suited to their own financial circumstances, personality type and risk profile.  It is based on strong trading rules and management principles and it provides individuals that have the drive and determination a method to achieve the financial independence they want.

Learning to Trade Crypto, people can better leverage their time and work by choice rather than by necessity.  Getting back their time so they can spend it on personal or community projects or just be in a better position to help others.

CryptoMates Foundation wants to empower as many individuals as possible and build a network of skilled individuals that can help us tackle big projects, with an emphasis on humanitarian and philanthropic perspectives.

CryptoMates Foundation is a humanitarian, community-service, not-for-profit, non-government-organisation.  We do not receive or rely on Government Grants.